College Student Gift Guide

You have good intentions, but every year you break the bank trying to find the right present for your college student and it never works out. The holidays are already a busy and stressful time, so this year get something your college student actually wants.


Good headphones are a must have for college students. They use them in the library, the gym, and even just walking around campus. There is always a new style with new features coming out so you can’t go wrong with this one.

red headphones
wireless speakers
Bluetooth Speaker

Something small and light weight but still has a lot of power is what you’re looking for. This is something they can jam out to in their dorm or take it out to the park and enjoy some music while playing Frisbee.

Personalized Stationary

This may not be something they use on a regular basis, but they will use it! Sending out thank you cards after the holidays, birthdays, graduation, is a nice gesture to show appreciation. Having the stationary personalized adds a nice touch.

personalized stationary
wireless phone charger
Portable Cell Phone Charger

Being stuck to the wall while your phone charges is so 2015. Technology is changing and students should be adapting along with it.

Spotify Membership

What college kid doesn’t love music? A Spotify membership is a thoughtful gift and it is something they will use all the time, not just while studying.

spotify membership
college gear
College Gear

Jerseys, stickers, sweat shirts, magnets, blankets. If it has the college logo on it you can’t go wrong! This will show your support not only for your student but also for the school they attend.


Everyone needs luggage. Traveling with trash bags full of unwashed clothes is not okay. Reliable luggage or a durable trunk is something you will feel good about investing in.

gift cards
Gift Cards

If you have a picky student and trying to find a gift for them is like torture, always go with the gift cards. You can be really broad and get a major credit card with $50 bucks on it that they can spend anywhere on anything. You can also be a little more specific, to make it personal, and get them a card to their favorite store or restaurant.

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