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Pokémon GO is Awesome for Everyone

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two weeks, you know that Pokémon is back. There is a new interactive app you can download on your smart phone called Pokémon GO. You can go around town and find rare Pokémon on the streets, in the park, in the mall or wherever. The goal is to catch ‘em all, obviously.

A good number of people have expressed their disapproval of this new game. Some employees are already sick of it. Some businesses are already over it. Some people are criticizing the players for using all their cell data and spending a bunch of money on gas. But is it really that bad? We sure don’t think so.

As long as you know when to play the game and when to do your job or whatever other responsibilities you have, we should all embrace the goodness that is Pokémon GO.

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It is getting people outside.

Gamers are known for hanging in the basement all day staring at a screen and eating pizza. Well, times are changing and gamers are getting off the couch. Many Pokémon are located in nature, and people are taking walks down by the river, or checking out a new hiking trail to find rare Pokémon. There are “pokestops” all over the place that are landmarks, statues, historic sites and parks.

It is helping people become more social.

Even though it is a virtual game, people are actually talking to each other, like face to face. Strangers are asking others where they caught a Pikachu and how many they have caught and how long they have been playing. There are “gyms” where people can meet up and train. It’s great. It’s interactive.

It is basically a fitness app.

People are walking, running, biking, hiking, climbing etc. to make sure they catch as many Pokémon as possible. And yes, people are really running to catch them because some of the Pokémon are fast moving and hard to catch.

It is helping small businesses.

Some businesses have been putting up signs that in store Pokémon are only for paying customers. This is helping get people in the door and spending money at places they would never go into previously.

It is uncovering mysteries.

So far a teen in Wyoming found a dead body while hunting down a water Pokémon. Another woman in New York discovered that her boyfriend was cheating on her by seeing his game location was at his ex’s house. A lost toddler has been rescued. The game has also been linked to some armed robbery cases.

It is a victory for nerds everywhere.

For years there was a certain type of person who collected Pokémon cards. You know the type, especially if you grew up in the 90’s. They had the notebook filled cover to cover with every kind of Pokémon card imaginable. Now they can rub it in all of our faces. They have caught the rarest of the rare before we all jumped on the bandwagon. They are the pros and we are the rookies.

It is bringing people together.

This game is growing in popularity so quickly that it could soon have more users than twitter. When there are so many things tearing us apart, this is one thing that is a common bond no matter what your race, religion, or other differences are.

It is making people really happy.

Adults are acting like kids again. Kids are playing outside. Adults and kids are spending time together. People are smiling and laughing and PLAYING A GAME. The comeback of Pokémon is awesome and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The app is free. So, if you haven’t joined the hype yet you might want to check it out. Just remember to be careful and watch where you’re going.

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