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Resume 101

First impressions are a big deal. When you first meet someone you check out their appearance, their attitude, and assume some things based on that first meeting. With job interviews, your first impression is your resume. Not only will they be looking at your credentials and past experience, they will also be looking at the appearance and organization, and the effort you put into creating it.

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Here are 5 tips on how to create a resume that is sure to make a good first impression

Have an Objective

Put a statement at the top saying what your goal is for your future career. Whether you plan to have a career in non-profit services, sports administration, or early childhood development, whatever it is make sure you include it.

Keep it Consistent

If you start out by making your job titles bold and your past places of employment in italics, keep it that way throughout then entire resume. Make sure the indentations are all the same, the font size is the same, and the font style is that same. You want to make sure that everything looks neat, organized and consistent.

Keep it Simple

While you do want to put as much relevant information on there, you do not want it to look cluttered or be too much to look through. A good rule is to try to keep the whole thing on one page only. Employers don’t have time to read through multiple pages of information. Keep your sentences short and to the point. Make sure you leave some information out so you have something to talk about in the interview.

Stay in the Same Tense

Pay attention to not only what you are saying but also how you are saying it. If you “did” something at one place and are “doing” something at another, it will mess up your tenses and make your resume lose some credibility. Proof reading and checking grammar is always important before submitting anything for a job.

Only Apply What Matters

If you are applying for an accounting job your employer does not care that you took an art class in college and your short time as an art gallery intern. It is not relevant. However, they do want to see the math or business courses you took and any experience you have in that field. You might end up with a few different templates for the different places you are applying.

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