SCHOOL SPOTLIGHT: Emory University

Emory University, a private university located in Atlanta, is known as one of the world’s great institutions of higher learning. The university is committed to courageous leadership in subjects across the board. According to US News & World Report Emory is on the top 20 list of America’s Best Colleges. The school also ranked 14th in the country in 2012-13 for best values among private universities according to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine. The school is home to about 8,000 culturally diverse undergraduate students each year. Emory students have 9 schools and colleges to choose from when deciding on a major. On top of great academic programs, the university also has a recognizable athletics program. Emory has 18 Division III varsity sports in the NCAA.

Some notable Emory alumni include Amy Ray and Emily Saliers from the band “Indigo Girls,” and country band member of “Sugarland” Kristian Bush, just to name a few.

Emory student, Lucy Jane Rabinowitz

Name: Lucy Jane Rabinowitz

Year: 2nd year graduate student in the school of public health (Emory College class of 2014)

Major: Undergraduate major: Sociology and Global Health, Masters concentration: Behavioral Science and Health Education

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Why did you choose to attend Emory?

When I was looking at colleges, I toured all over the place including the Northeast, West Coast and Midwest. Emory was my last stop and I immediately decided to apply early after visiting in late October. Some of the things that attracted me to Emory were the weather (amazing year round), the location of it- being kind of far from my hometown and from where most people I grew up with went to college, the Northeast- and the size of the school (about 8000 undergrad). It seemed like it had a lot of really awesome resources and departments that I could explore and it was big enough to make new friends but small enough that I would not get overwhelmed, coming from a small private high school. I also really liked that it is so prominent in the landscape of Atlanta healthcare, research and business. It has a stellar reputation in the city of Atlanta and nationally.

 What do you like most about Emory?

I really like the academics and the community at Emory. The professors I had in undergrad and in graduate school are incredibly smart and helpful in helping students figure out what their interests are and where their skills lie. Because it is such a prestigious university in the region, we have access to so many resources in the form of speakers, fellowship and research opportunities and jobs at various organizations throughout the city (CDC, Carter Center, Boys and Girls Club). I worked all throughout undergrad and graduate school and the work study program was really awesome; I got a job at the CDC as a college student and have been capitalizing on that as a graduate student and professional. The people at Emory are also very nice and inclusive; it was very easy for me to make friends. There is a huge range of where people come from including the Northeast, West Coast and countries all over the world.

What do you like most about living in Atlanta?

Atlanta is the capital city of the Southeast. This means that any music event, artist or speaker who is on tour makes a stop in Atlanta. It is becoming a huge center for businesses and that brings in a lot of different people. My favorite parts of Atlanta are the green outdoor spaces including Piedmont Park, Central Park (across the street from my house) and the Beltline project which is creating a bike trail around the entire circumference of the city. Atlanta is made up of smaller neighborhoods and I have had so much fun exploring each little pocket of town and making connections with the people here. The nightlife is pretty fantastic too as you can find clubs or bars with any kind of music or vibe that you could possibly imagine. Atlanta is also the capital of Civil Rights history and this plays an important role in the dynamics of the city. In general, it is a wonderful place for any activity you can imagine. I enjoyed going to college here so much that I decided to stay for graduate school!

 What do you like to do for fun/extracurricular/hobbies?

I like to go for walks and bike rides around the city in my free time. There are also a few mountains within an hour outside the city that have great hiking trails. In college, I played club lacrosse and have been looking for an adult women’s league to join. I also like to cook and eat out at restaurants, which Atlanta is amazing for since it is becoming a huge foodie city. The fact that Atlanta is in the middle of all these farm lands has been really amazing for trying to eat and cook fresh and local. I also like to play with my cat, Ghost, in my free time.

Do you have any advice for incoming freshman?

My biggest piece of advice for incoming freshman would be to go explore outside the Emory bubble. Emory is a smaller university, so it can feel like you are surrounded by the same people every day at times. It is imperative that you leave campus and take advantage of the free shuttles that will bring you all over the city! Go see a concert at Masquerade, check out an exhibit at the High Museum, ride your bike into Piedmont Park and eat at one of the world famous restaurants in Downtown or West Midtown. Also make sure that you reach out and talk to your professors, advisors and peers about what their interests are and how they got to be where they are- you may find some really important guidance for your path in these conversations!

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