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SCHOOL SPOTLIGHT: Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University, the state’s flagship university, is located in Baton Rouge. The city is known for its Cajun culture, diverse population, great seafood, vibrant live music, and deep southern roots. The university has nearly 30,000 students in attendance, offering them 69 bachelor programs, 76 masters programs, and 48 doctoral programs. LSU has awarded 245,000 degrees since 1869. Students also have the opportunity to study abroad with more than 300 location options. For students who want to stay close to campus, they can join one of the 350+ student organizations. They can also attend a Tigers athletics game. Louisiana State has 20 NCAA athletic teams and currently holds 47 national championships. There is something for everyone.

Some famous LSU alumni include Shaquille O’Neil, James Carville, and Hubert Humphrey, just to name a few.

LSU Student

Name: Kat Latham

Year: Senior

Major: Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations

Hometown: Metairie, LA

Why did you choose to attend the Louisiana State?

When stepping onto campus for the first time for a campus tour, I was quickly presented with Louisiana States diverse student body. I could immediately tell that LSU was home to people of many different backgrounds, with unique stories that led them to LSU and have molded them into who they are. This amount of diversity was something that I was truly needed in order to get the most of my college experience. While attending STRIPES, LSU’s extended orientation program, I made the final decision that LSU was the right choice for me.

During STRIPES, we were presented with LSU’s Commitment to Community. Through the LSU Commitment to Community, LSU students are asked to demonstrate pride in the university by respecting the dignity of all persons and accepting individual differences. This was something that meant a lot to me because I believe respect is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. I realized that LSU understood the importance of exploring people’s differences and embracing and celebrating the diversity that they have on their campus. Also, the campus is beautiful with its stately oaks and broad magnolias, so that was a big plus. I knew LSU was the total package with the opportunities to develop intellectually and personally in beautiful Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

What do you like most about LSU?

I could not be prouder to identify myself as an LSU Tiger. I think my favorite part of LSU is our student’s passion. Our passion for LSU rings louder than the screaming fans during the famous Earthquake game. Every time I hear the alma mater play at noon, or I see our LSU community come together in support of our many teams or organizations, I know that LSU was the right choice for me. If you see me at an LSU football game, you can catch me singing “Hey Fightin’ Tigers” or screaming at the top of my lungs after a Tiger touchdown. Our passion can also be seen in our late nights studying and color-coded calendars. It is enriched with professors who truly care about our futures and opportunities that open our eyes to the wide range of possibilities after graduation. It is full of warm embraces and finding the friends that will one day stand in our weddings. It has joyful moments, but it also has times when we need to lean on our tiger family. It echoes the sounds of the wind blowing through the leaves of the mighty oaks and chimes along to the alma mater played across campus at noon every day.

What do you like most about living in Baton Rouge?

Honestly, I really like the food here! When living in Baton Rouge, you are never more than minutes away from a good meal. From seafood at Mike Anderson’s to pizza at Fleur de Lis Pizza, hometown favorites get the Tigers off of campus and into the city of Baton Rouge. If you ever come to Baton Rouge, definitely come with an empty stomach so you can experience some of our local treasures.

What do you like to do for fun/extracurricular?

I love going to on campus events for fun! Like for Valentine’s day weekend I will be attending the Musical Theatre Club’s production of Legally Blonde the Musical. Later on in the spring, I will attend Groovin, which is our annual on-campus concert put on by LSU Student Government. Both of these events are free for LSU students, so that is a huge bonus! I also love taking trips to the Mall of Louisiana or catching a movie a Perkins Rowe. 

Do you have any advice to incoming freshman?

My biggest advice for incoming freshman is to get involved. I’m sure you may have heard this 1000 times, but honestly my involvement has gotten me through college. A mentor on campus once told me that you want to get involved in three different types of organizations: one social, one pre-professional and one service oriented. Your social organization could be something related to one of your interests or hobbies, or even a fraternity or sorority. Your pre-professional organization should be directly related to your field of study or career aspirations. Lastly, joining a service organization or attending service events will give you an opportunity to give back to your campus and surrounding community. 

If you are interested in attending Louisiana State University or just want to learn more about the school, you can download the “Visit LSU” mobile app. On the app you can take a virtual tour of campus or take a real GPS guided tour, see local restaurants and shops, view admissions information, learn about university top points of pride, and more!

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