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Staying in Touch Over Summer: It’s Harder Than You Think

4 fun and effective ways to keep in touch over the summer


When you finished up your spring semester exams and headed back home over summer you expected to stay in close contact with all of your college buddies. You planned to talk on the phone, text, FaceTime, and communicate via social media all summer long. You even talked about planning to trips to visit your friends in their home town.

After a few weeks back at home it is like all of your college friends have suddenly fallen off the face of the earth. Completely disappeared.They are not fully to blame, though. You have cut off communication as well because you are just so busy with your family and high school friends, or at work, or eating, or sleeping. Life gets in the way.

The normal conversation of “hey” “what’s up” is overused and boring. What is there even to talk about if you were still keeping in touch with them anyways?


Here are 4 fun and effective ways to keep in touch over the summer:



Create a group forum

You can do this through email, Facebook, or group text. Invite all of your closest friends into one group where you can all communicate with each other over the summer months. You can share updates on what you’ve been up to, share funny pictures or videos, or post a memory from college. While you may not be having meaningful conversations, it will keep you in contact with your posse and when college starts back up you will be right where you left off.

Have a pen pal

Pen pals may seem like something of the past, but it is a fun way to keep in touch with someone. Coordinate with your college roommate and write letters to each other throughout the summer. If you each write one a month you will only end up writing about 3-4 letters each so it won’t seem like you are spending too much time doing this. Once you reunite with your friend it will be like you never lost touch at all.

Follow through on planning a trip

Spend your 4th of July or Labor Day weekend with a friend who lives close by. A few hours in the car is nothing. So, pack your bags and call up your buddy and spend some time actually doing what you talked about. Not only will this be a fun trip, it can also be the break you need away from family time. If you live somewhere fun you could invite your friends to come visit you for a weekend!

Have something in common

If you’re spending your summer getting in shape, hitting up the gym every day and going on long runs, find a friend with the same goal.  You can check in with each other on a week-to-week basis and talk about progress. You could also do this with books by choosing the same books to read as your friends and discussing them when you finish. Having something in common with a friend will make communication easy and something you look forward to.

Luckily if you do lose touch over summer it won’t ruin any friendships when you return back to school. That’s the best part about the friends you make in college! Sometimes you can go days, weeks, or months without talking and you are still great friends picking up right where you left off.

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