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Summer Volunteer Ideas for Students

As awesome as summer break is, if you don’t have a job and aren’t taking classes, you might get bored. You can beat the boredom by volunteering! You can start a project on your own, do something with a group of friends or find an organization you want to help out.

Volunteering is a way to give back to your community and help those in need. Spending your free time this way is so rewarding because you are having a positive impact on others. You will also meet new and diverse people in your town who have similar interests. Another great thing about doing this is that it can help you find what you are passionate about. If you think you like working with animals, then go volunteer at a shelter, you may realize that it really is not for you at all. Perhaps you go with a group to do a clean up and you realize you are passionate about environmental work.

Volunteering is also something you can put on your resume that employers love. It shows that you are willing to work hard and give your time to something you care about, even if you aren’t making any money. Volunteering can also give you the job experience you need to land a position that requires it.

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Here are 10 volunteer ideas for students this summer:

Blood Drive
Organize one yourself or go with your friends to donate.

Plenty of youth organizations need volunteer coaches.

Find a program where you can mentor children who need it most.

If you are great at math, put your skills to use and help those who struggle.

Clean Up the Park, River, Beach, Neighborhood
Have you noticed trash building up at your favorite park? You can fix that!

Work with Animals
Shelters are always looking for volunteers to help walk to the dogs, clean up, and more.

Old clothes, books, toys. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Help your grandparents and their friends learn how to use the computer.

Race for a Cure
Find a local fund raiser and join in to raise money or awareness for a good cause.

Plant Trees
Even if it’s just in your own backyard.

Don’t see something on this list for you? Take this Quiz! No matter your age or experience, there is a volunteer opportunity for you. You can make a difference!

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