Surviving Festival Season

Music festivals have become a big part of the summer months for University students around the world. With Coachella, Burning Man, Walkarusa, Bonnaroo and many more right around the corner we want all the attendees to know the tips for staying safe and having an amazing time!

Here are 5 Things You Need to Know About Staying Safe & Having a Blast at a Music Festival

Establish a Home Base

First things first. Set up camp with the group you have traveled with. Pick any kind of landmark that will help you find your way back from anywhere on the festival grounds. Be aware that your cellphone may not work, so don’t rely on calling a friend to help you find your way back.

fest 1

Have a Buddy System

Festival grounds can be huge and are filled with people you don’t know. Don’t wander off alone; find one of your friends that wants to explore with you!

fest 2

Stay Hydrated

Water, water, water…while you’re at it pick up some Gatorade too! It’s going to be hot and staying well hydrated will keep you on your A game.

fest 3

Be Prepared

Bug bites, cuts, sunburns- chances are you will experience all three and more. When it comes to festivals there’s no such thing as being over-prepared. If you don’t need it, someone else will and chances are they will thank you profusely for being so darned smart, and who knows they might even feed you dinner as a thank you!

fest 4

Have Fun

Last but certainly not least, enjoy yourself! Make lasting memories with friends, new and old. Live it up while you can because in a few short months you’ll be back in the classroom dreaming of your summer nights!

fest 5

Check out the video below from Coachella 2014 and get excited!

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