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Syllabus Week vs. Finals Week

Syllabus Week

Some students look at syllabus week as a time to relax and get readjusted to the upcoming semester.You have just returned to campus feeling refreshed and ready to start a new semester! Some students might ask, does it really matter if I pay attention? Does it really matter if I even go to class? While the week may not have any major assignments, projects, or tests, I am here to tell you to not take syllabus week lightly. Do not skip class.

syllabus week

This week is the time to take full advantage of your academic potential. You have the entire semester at a glance right in the palms of your hands. You can see exactly what you will be covering over the course of the semester, when projects and presentations are due, and when your exams will be. Seeing this can be overwhelming and even stressful, but it is better to be prepared. You’re in college now, and your professors aren’t going to remind you every time something is due. They expect you to pay attention and stay organized in class.

lost my syllabus

Syllabus week is also a time to get to know the other students in your class and find a study buddy or study group to work with throughout the semester. This is also the time to make a good first impression on your professor, so make sure you introduce yourself. If you are someone prone to losing things I suggest you make a copy of your syllabus and keep it in a safe place, accessible for you to easily find each week.


Finals Week

It seems that the semester has dragged on longer than you would like and all you want is a break and some down time. Unlike syllabus week, you are no longer refreshed and eager to learn. The long haul is almost over you can feel the freedom. But first, you must endure finals week. Finals week can be stressful, jam packed with work, and overwhelming. You are generally studying and relearning everything you covered all semester long.


Like syllabus week, this is a time to be present. Make sure you are attending all classes before your finals start. You can also reach out to those students you met during syllabus week and form a study group. It can also be helpful to create a study guide based off of your syllabus. Take this time to look over the materials your professor gave you the first week of classes. It can help remind you on specific assignments and projects you covered over the duration of the class.

While syllabus and finals week are very different, they are also very similar. Both include information overload and workload induced stress. But stay positive, because making it through syllabus week and surviving finals week gets you one step closer to graduation.


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