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The 6 Biggest Mistakes You Make in College

College can be the best years of your life. After graduation, many students wish they could go back and relive their college days again, and others look back and wish they could have done things differently. Make sure you have no regrets, and steer clear of these 6 big mistakes you can make in college:

Not Living in the Dorms

Living in the dorms is so important for freshman. It is how you meet your tribe. You are surrounded by other students just like you who are new to the whole college thing. None of you know what to expect really and sticking together makes things that much easier. Your dorm mates become like your family. You eat together, you study together, you attend school functions together. You have a friend only steps away if you are feeling homesick and need a shoulder to cry on, knowing they are feeling the same. Living off campus in an apartment or house does seem glamorous compared to the small dorm room lifestyle, but it is so worth it.

dorm room

Not Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

You can’t do things the way you did in high school. Even if your parents have very strict expectations of you, you should break the rules occasionally. College is all about finding out who you are and you need to try and experience new things to do so. If your school offers study abroad programs, take advantage. Attend a school play that you usually wouldn’t. Try new food. Take an exercise class. Get off campus and explore!

study abroad

Not Joining a Club or Organization on Campus

College is not just about the academics and getting a diploma. While it is important to attend classes and focus on your studies, you should also venture out and find a club or organization to join on campus. Things like intramural sports, book club, surf club, chess club are just a few examples of what you can find at your school. The best part is that if the club you want to join does not exist, you can start it!

chess club

Dating the Wrong Person

Dating in college is complicated. There are so many new faces of people from different places with different backgrounds. Finding someone you’re interested in freshman year is great, but don’t force the relationship. It’s nice to have someone by your side and many people fear loneliness, but college is the time to spend some time alone, get to know yourself, meet new people and become vulnerable. See how it changes you. I have seen too many people who stuck with the same relationship all through college only to breakup upon graduation, and it makes me wonder, was it worth it?


Not Exploring Your Interests

So you’ve decided to major is business and that’s a great choice. You’ve met with your advisor and have a set plan on what classes you need to take to fill your requirements and picked what electives will benefit your major the most. You have always been passionate about ceramics and love creating things, but taking a ceramics class has nothing to do with your major so you decide not to take the class. That is a mistake. Always take the class, you never know how much fun you can have, what you can learn, and what you can benefit from it. Once you graduate and get a job you may never have the free time to explore your passion.


Not Studying for Finals

Your fellow peers may advise you that studying for finals is not necessary and that cramming the night before will give you just enough to pass the test. This might work for some people, but not for everyone, and just getting by is not good enough. Make sure you set aside time for your school work and make sure you spend time studying and preparing for tests, projects, presentations, etc. After all, you’re paying for it.



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