The Best Colleges for Students who Dislike Snow

A few weeks back we did a post about great colleges for students who love the snow. These students love to ski and be outdoors, which is great. But as I sit here and write this from Boulder, CO as snow is falling all I can think about is sitting on a beach somewhere soaking up the warmth and sunshine. Winter is not for everyone.

If you prefer a campus close to the beach that averages on the low side of snow fall each year, check out this list of colleges for students who dislike winter:

University of Washington

Location: Seattle WA
Closest Beach: Matthews Beach – 8 minute drive
Average Temperature: 52.65°F
Visit UW

University of Washington Stadium
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Location: Honolulu HI
Closest Beach: Waikīkī Beach – 9 minute drive
Average Annual Temperature: 77.6°F
Visit UHM 

UHM Students
Florida Atlantic University

Location: Boca Raton FL
Closest Beach: Highland Beach – 11 minute drive
Average Annual Temperature: 75.55°F
Visit FAU

FAU campus rec
Cal State Long Beach

Location: Long Beach CA
Closest Beach: Long Beach – 11 minute drive
Average Temperature: 64.8°F
Visit Cal State Long Beach

Cal State Long Beach campus
University of Maryland

Location: College Park MD
Closest Beach: Beverly Beach – 40 minute drive
Average Temperature: 56.65°F
Visit UMD

UMD Visitor Center
University of South Florida

Location: Tampa FL
Closest Beach: Pier 60 Beach, Clearwater – 45 minute drive
Average Annual Temperature: 73.35°F
Visit USF

USF Student Center
Texas A&M University

Location: College Station
Closest Beach: Galveston Island – 2.5 hour drive
Average Temperature: 69.05°
Visit Texas A&M

Texas A&M rec center
Louisiana State University

Location: Baton Rouge LA
Closest Water: On the Mississippi River
Average Temperature: 68.35°F
Visit LSU

LSU cheerleaders

While I am miserable in the cold, others love it and can’t stand the heat and humidity. If you are one of those people who wishes it was never summer, check out our blog The Best Colleges for Student who Love the Snow. 

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