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The Best Part Time Jobs for College Students

Being a full time college student and having a job at the same time is tough, and not everyone can handle it. You have to be able to manage your time, be organized, and be responsible for yourself. Before you apply to a part time job in college you should ask yourself a few questions, like, will you blow off work for social events?  Will your work schedule interfere with your classes or impact your grades? If you answer yes to either of these you may want to reconsider finding a job. However, if you absolutely need to find a job because it is how you are paying for college, or you want to make some extra cash, just make sure it doesn’t interfere with your academics or social life.   

Here are some of the best part time jobs for college students:

On Campus Jobs

campus bookstore

Getting a job on campus is probably the best option for a college student wanting to earn a little extra cash, and there are plenty of options. The campus bookstore, the mail room, the library, teaching or research assistant, and countless work study options if you qualify. The best part about campus jobs is that your boss understands that you are a student and will work with you on your schedule.

Nanny or Babysitter


Being a nanny or babysitter in college is a great part time job. Sometimes you will find a professor who needs help with child care. This is a fun job where you can make a decent amount of money in cash. It also comes with flexibility and down time so you can study while you are at work. If you can’t find a gig from someone on campus there are other ways to find a babysitting job by just doing a simple online search.



Being a tutor in college is awesome because you get to help others while helping yourself. Teaching other students will keep you fresh on that subject and help you earn some money while doing so. Being a tutor also looks really good on your resume.

Restaurant Server or Host

restaurant waitress

Landing a part time job at a restaurant will gain you good money, and it doesn’t take much experience to get the job. The only real downfall with this is that at most restaurants you are expected to work weekends and holidays which may get in the way of your social agenda or any holiday trips home you have planned.

Front Desk Receptionist or Office Assistant


An office job is a smart choice if you are looking for some credible entry level experience. You will spend your time filing paperwork, answering the phone, data entry, and other monotonous tasks that may not be the most fun, but it is definitely worth it. A job like this can also give you some customer service experience if you have to deal face to face with people. 



If you are a talented writer, photographer or artist, freelancing in college is a smart option, especially if you are majoring in the arts. If you can create and sell your trade in your free time to earn some cash you should do it. This will get some experience under your belt, plus you can work completely on your own terms and your own schedule at your own pace.

Pet Sitter

dog walker

Pet sitting is a lot like babysitting. You have to feed the pet, take the pet to the bathroom, and make sure they aren’t getting into any trouble around the house. This is another one of those jobs that has some downtime so you can study while working. It is also pretty flexible to the point where if the dates don’t work for you, you can just say no. People love their pets like family and chances are you can make a pretty penny from pet sitting part time.

Fitness or Swim Instructor

fitness instructor

There are so many places to work as a fitness or swim instructor. Usually the club will provide you with all the training you need and you will only be expected to work a few hours a week. This is perfect for students who enjoy exercising regularly. These types of jobs can also be an easy transition into a summer job as a camp counselor or class instructor.

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