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The College Bucket List: 9 Things to do Before You Graduate

The semester is just starting and it will come to an end sooner than we realize, and for you seniors, graduation is right around the corner. Now is the time to complete your college bucket list before it’s too late!

Here is our College Bucket List

Study Abroad

Studying abroad can give you a learning experience unavailable to you in a traditional classroom. You will experience new cultures and language, make new friends, and you get to travel! Don’t miss this opportunity!

study abroad

Attend a School Sports Event

Even if you’re not that into sports, you should attend a sporting event at your school. Get dressed up in your school colors and support your team!

 college sports

Submit Something to the School Newspaper

Get creative and share your voice with your fellow students. You will feel great about the submission and if you get published it will be something to put on your resume.

college newspaper

Pull an All-Nighter

This can be either academic or social. You might be forced to stay up all night studying for an exam you aren’t prepared for, or you might stay up all night making memories with friends. Either way, it is something you should experience in college.


Protest Something

It could be a grade or something having to do with your schools policies. Whatever you decide to protest, make sure your voice is heard! Stand up for what you believe!

 college protest

Take a Road Trip

Get away from your daily life on campus and plan a road trip with friends! Check out a near by town with cool tourist activities or drive to the nearest beach.


Learn a Foreign Language

Learning a new language in college will not only be something fun to study, but it will also help you in the future. There are plenty of great jobs out there that prefer or even require you to speak multiple languages.

 learn a new language

Befriend a Professor

Becoming friends with a professor is good for so many reasons. It could help your grade in the glass, it gives you someone to look up to, and it is someone to use as a reference after you graduate.

 befriend a professor

Take an Epic Spring Break Trip

At least one spring break in college needs to be totally out of control! Head to the beach for a party or get to the mountains to ride some fresh snow. Wherever you choose to go, just make sure to have fun!

spring break

Tell us, what is on your college bucket list?

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