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The Differences Between High School and College

High school and college are both different and the same. While you are there to further your education and attend classes which is similar to high school, there are so many other factors that come along with college. You are away from your parents and you have freedom. You are responsible for your own actions. The dynamic between students and professors is different. Don’t go into to college thinking things will be the same. Here is what to expect:


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If you attend a large public university you can expect your classes to be much larger than you’re used to. You may even have lecture hall where you are sitting stadium style looking down on your professor with hundreds of other students. Classes in college are harder. You have to study and prepare for quizzes, tests, exams, projects and presentations. Cheating is an absolute no-no and can result in getting kicked out of school. You have to show up for class if you want to pass. You may have skated by all of high school with good grades with little effort. That strategy won’t work for you anymore so it’s time to figure out a plan. People are in college to learn, and you should have that same mindset. Don’t talk in class or be on your phone, it’s not cool anymore. Pay attention, take notes, and learn something new!


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Your professors aren’t going to check in on you and make sure you are completing your assignments and studying when you need to. They expect you to do your work and turn in assignments on time. If you miss an assignment or fail a test, that’s no one’s fault but your own. If you are having trouble with a class make sure you talk to your professor before something is due, ask for help. Do not explain this to them after the fact. Creating a relationship with your professor is a great idea. Spend time in their office during their office hours and ask for help on things you don’t understand.


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Sometimes you get really lucky and stay friends with your high school friends all through college. The reality of it is that you will make new friends and you may like them better than your old ones. People change, especially in college, and you might find a different group of people that you have more in common with. You live, study, eat, and play with your college friends which really makes them more like family.



People in college don’t care if you were a nerd, a jock, a hipster or anything else is high school. One of the greatest things about college is that everyone really does fit in. You can find like-minded people, even if you were a loner in high school. People are more accepting, less judgement, and genuinely interested in peoples differences. You can find your niche and spend your college years enjoying the people you spend your time with.


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In college you can actually join the clubs you want to rather than the ones that will look good on your college application. You will be amazed on how many club options there are at your school, and how diverse they are. If by the off chance your school doesn’t have the club you want, you can create it yourself!


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Your lifestyle will change. Embrace it. Your parents won’t be scheduling things for you, and other than your class schedule, you are basically free to do what you want. If you want to eat a second dinner at midnight, no one is going to stop you. You also have to kind of adapt to adulthood, and do things like laundry, cleaning, cooking. You can’t just call up your parents every time you need help with something.


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You will change in college. You might fight it for a while or you might embrace it early on. If it doesn’t happen, and you don’t change, you should be worried. You may not know what you want to do as a career upon graduation, but you will grow up, become more mature and responsible, discover your passions, and learn about the things you care about and don’t. You will become aware of world issues and form opinions about them. Welcome to adulthood.

College is fun and a great experience. Keep an open mind and be accepting of all the changes that come with it! For those of you who think high school was the best time of your life, you are in for a big surprise, it gets better!

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