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The Feelings of Graduating College

Did you think you would just be happy and that’s it? Think again. Graduating college will take you through a roller-coaster of emotions. This is a transition period, a time where there is so much uncertainty yet so much to look forward to. You can do and be anything you want.

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As you finish up your last college class and turn in your last essay or exam, you are flooded with pure joy and excitement. This is it!

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Walking across that stage can be nerve racking especially in front all of your friends and family. Don’t worry, you’ve got this.

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You don’t want to graduate. You want to stay at school with your friends for as long as possible. Finding a job, paying bills, having responsibilities is not what you see in your near future.

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Life will never be the same. Your friends are all moving to different places. You have no plans. This sucks. Don’t worry, you will see your friends again!

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Now what? You’ve got the diploma in hand but what’s next? No job. No plan. There is this big world of opportunity out there and suddenly you are feeling very small.

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It doesn’t matter if you trip on stage, you are a college graduate! You made it through four years of studying, passing tests, growing up, and making life-long friends and memories. You are qualified to get a job now. You rock.

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As you celebrate with your family and friends you are nothing but grateful for their support and encouragement through it all. You look back at your time as a college student and realize you were not in this alone. You had so much help from others not just from your family but from your professors as well.

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You’ve been working for this for the last four years and you’ve accomplished it. Your friends and family got to watch you graduate and will continue to support you no matter where your life may lead. You are a college graduate.

Congratulations to the class of 2016! You did it!

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