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The Pros & Cons of Summer School

Summer school can be something you want to do by choice, either to get ahead or take a specific class, or something required for your major and to stay on the right track for graduation. Summer school has its benefits and downfalls just like anything else. Unlike summer school in high school, which is seen as punishment for not getting good grades, summer classes in college can be rewarding. They can help you get ahead or stay on track for gradation, you won’t have to spend your summer being bored and instead you can be productive, and you could have the opportunity to take a class that’s not offered during the fall or spring semesters.

summer school


Taking one class during the summer allows you to focus solely on the material you are learning. This is great if you are taking a difficult or advanced class and need the extra help. It is also good to knock out an easy or boring required class during the summer. You can avoid the distractions of having to study for other classes as well as avoid the distractions of social activities on campus. Summer is the perfect time to retake a class you may have struggled with and had to drop or didn’t pass previously.

Usually the classes are smaller, which means you can create a better relationship with your professor and classmates. Summer classes are a few hours every day, so you won’t have to worry about wasting your summer break. Whether your class is in the morning or evening, you will still have plenty of time during the day to relax, kick back with friends, and hit the pool.

If you choose to live on campus for the summer semester you can take advantage of getting to know your professors and look into any job or internship opportunities offered in the upcoming fall semester. You will also have free range at the cafeteria, gym, and other campus amenities since they won’t be as near as crowded as they are during the fall and spring semesters. You will also be able to meet new people and make new friends that you may have never met before.

If you decide to take a class online from home during the summer, you are able to work around your own schedule. This is great if you already have summer job or internship lined up. Taking an online class is a good idea if you have a required class that you just need to get out of the way. You can work on it a few hours a day, fill your requirement, get it over with, and not have to deal with it back at school.


After a long spring semester the last thing you want is to take another class. You need a break, some time to recharge and get in the right mind set to tackle fall semester. Taking a summer class can seem like torture if you are feeling this way going into it.

Summer classes can be intense and a lot of work. You are jamming work that usually takes an entire semester into a few short weeks. This type of work load can take some getting used to. If you generally have trouble sitting still or concentrating for long periods of time summer classes will be rough. Unlike short classes in the fall and spring, summer classes are much longer and packed with more material. Taking more than one class over the summer can be overwhelming and you can easily get burnt out. You have no time to take a vacation from studying because the courses are so intensive.

If you decide to take an online summer course it can be easy to fall behind and lose track of your progress. Having to drop a summer course or failing a summer course is really bad. Falling behind can also happen if you put too much on your plate like trying to have a job or internship, taking a summer class, and trying to have a social life.


Summer school is not for everyone! Weighing to pros and cons of taking classes over the summer can help you decide if it will be the right fit for you.


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