How to Throw an Unforgettable Party


Keep your guests happy by providing them something to snack on. Small appetizers and snacks are a great idea for a larger gathering. If you are only hosting a small group you could put together a full meal or larger options for your guests. Having food at your party will not only keep your guests happy it will also keep them around longer. They won’t be thinking about how hungry they are and heading out early to grab dinner.


Variety is important when it comes to the beverages provided at a party. You don’t want to just have one punch and expect every guest to drink it. Make sure to have a few different options. Try something fruity, something citrusy or fresh, and something smooth. Always have water for your guests as well.


Nothing is more boring that a party without music. Think about creating an upbeat playlist with popular songs that everyone will know. A program like Pandora or Spotify can help you make the perfect party playlist to keep your guests grooving and moving all night long.


You don’t need to go crazy with confetti or have every inch covered with decor, but you should do a little decorating to get people in the party mood. If the party has a theme it is pretty easy to pick out decorations. You can do balloons, a banner, colorful plates and cups. Whatever will be pleasing to your guests, go for it.


With a smaller party it is easier to organize something you can all participate in, like Cards Against Humanity. With a larger group, make sure you have a few decks of cards laying around for people to start their own games within smaller groups. You can also get some funny dare cards and pass them out among your guests. Dare cards will keep everyone laughing and entertained until the party is over.

Party Favors

It can be something small, but leaving your guest with a lasting memory is always a good idea. Taking Polaroid’s throughout the night is a fun way to send guests home with a little gift. Food, like cookies or cupcakes, is always a nice way to keep people full and happy. If you are throwing a themed party you can cater to that. For example, if you are having a BBQ you can give out flower lays to all of your guests.

Be a Good Host

Being a good host is the most important part of throwing a successful party. Make sure you are catering to your guests needs. You need to keep the music going, suggest games, refill drinks, mingle and chat with everyone, and just keep everyone happy. You can also offer to allow guests to sleep over if it’s not safe for them to drive home. If you don’t want to host a slumber party, help them book a ride home.

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