Top 10 Scariest Moments In College

College is indeed some of the best years of your life, but also some of the most terrifying. You are transitioning into adulthood, where your parents no longer have control over what you do. You are dependent on your own judgment and intuition, which may lead to some bad and scary decisions. Despite the blissful freedom, mind-blowing parties, and abundance of useful learning, college can throw you into a painful blender of situations. Here are the 10 scariest moments in college.

1. Meeting Your Dorm Roommate

You pray that your roommate is the most awesome person in the dorm and that they hopefully will become your new best friend. Facebook stalking your soon-to-be roomy is a must, though can generate some frightening assumptions of the year to come. “Oh God. The majority of her photos consist of duck face selfies…” lenz-1-rgb1

2. First Time Drinking Too Much

You will go to an overwhelmingly huge party, and you most likely will experience one night with your head hanging over the toilet, or tossed in the drunk-tank, or both. We all make partying mistakes, and the first mistake is definitely the scariest. But no fret – You live and you learn.


3. First Time House Hunting

It’s always a panic when searching for a decent place to live. All of the cheap places have been taken. You don’t want to live in the ghetto, but can’t afford to live in a penthouse. Landlords are blowing up your phone, every apartment you’ve looked at is overpriced and under maintained, and your parents don’t seem to be much help at all. However, no matter the stressful situation, everything will work out and you will find a livable place for the year.


4. Taking a “Weed Out” Class

Nothing is more daunting than enrolling in General Chemistry with 500 other students, a teacher who barely speaks English, and lab TA’s who could care less about helping you. My advice? Get a tutor.


5. Deciding a Major

Your future is dependent on this decision. (Or so that’s what they tell you). You better choose the right major; otherwise you’ll be unemployed, sad, and lonely after college. (Not true at all, but you can’t help from having those thoughts.)


6. Getting Your Heart Broken

Love will find you at some point within these years. It may be kind to you, or it may rip your soul out, put it in a blender, and drink it as a breakfast smoothie. Just know that you aren’t alone. Everyone experiences heartbreak, and you will get through it.


7. Losing Friends

College is a time for discovery, and you will discover who your real friends are, and who your enemies are. Sadly, some of the people who you thought were your friends may become your enemy, which is always a bummer. Keep your chin up. You’ll find the right people who will love you for YOU.


8. Failing An Exam

A big “Oops!” You decided to party over the weekend instead of study, and your liver and grades are hurting because of it. Don’t panic. This won’t make or break your GPA if it has only happened once or twice.

Failed Test

9. Losing Financial Support From Your Parents

The rent check came, but this time it’s the cash inside your wallet that will be used. Your parents are like, “You’re an adult, sweetie. We can’t afford to pay for you anymore. Good luck starving and living in a box!” It’s ok. You’ll figure it out.

empty wallet

10. Graduation

This is by far the scariest moment. “What will I do after graduation? Where will I live, or work? Will I lose all of my friends? What’s being an adult? I don’t know what I’m doing with my life!” Your peers are all in the same boat, and whether life smacks you in the face like a huge tidal wave or gently ripples as you float along, you will make it out alive.


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