The Top 5 College Halloween Celebrations

Halloween weekend has come to an end. I am sure you are bummed to see it go, but glad you can give your liver a break. Halloween is a time for some of the wildest parties for college students, and definitely a holiday that generates many unforgettable memories. Though, no college party can out-do these celebrations. Here are the top 5 universities who praise this spooky holiday better than any others in the country.

1. Ohio University’s Halloween Block Party

Athens, Ohio turns a block party into several blocks of crazy house parties and rockin’ concerts. Stages are set up that host over 10 musical artists who play into the wee hours of the night, food and art vendors give out their goods, and thousands enter in a huge costume contest. It is said that the population of Athens can double during this night, with over 30,000 people flooding the streets in costume.


2. University of Colorado Mall Crawl

Most people know that Boulder, Colorado has some “colorful” residents roaming the streets. However, the town gets even weirder on Halloween night. Held in the heart of the town on Pearl Street Mall where all the poppin’ bars and restaurants reside, 20,000 plus students and locals gather in costume, hop from bar to bar, and rage in the street. It is known as “the famous fiesta that the boulder police don’t want to know about.


3. Isla Vista at UCSB

This beach bash is considered the “Biggest College Party in California“, and probably the wildest Halloween celebration in the country. 40,000 students and Cali locals migrate to the unincorporated, beachside community of Isla Vista for an entire weekend of partying and mayhem.


4. Football at LSU

In Louisiana, Halloween is all about college football. Tiger Stadium transforms into a costume-wearing mecca of students chanting against their rivals, tail gating in the parking lots, and plenty of festivities to follow after the game.

Alabama v LSU

5. University of Wisconsin Freakfest

Madison is known for holding the number one party school, and they really prove themselves on Halloween. Up to 100,000 people purchase their tickets for the musical madness. The festival hosts artists such as Atmosphere, Chiddy band, OAR, Matt and Kim, and more – A personalized music festive just for their university!


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