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What No One Tells You About Life After College

Life after college graduation can be a rude awakening for some. There are plenty of things that you aren’t prepared for and no idea how to cope with the realities of being a real life adult. Here are a few things you may not know about life after college:

How to Write a Check

It may be a dying trend, but this is important because you will need to pay your rent and bills with checks. Sure, you are educated and have a degree under your belt, but figuring out how to write your first check can be tricky! Don’t be embarrassed to ask someone at the bank or your parents. You want to make sure you master this skill sooner than later.

How to Pay Your Bills

Paying your bills, especially on time, is a huge responsibility that you probably aren’t used to. Paying your bills can build up your credit and keep your life running smoothly. If you miss a payment your services could be canceled and your credit score may take a hit. Should you set an alarm on your phone or mark it on your calendar every time a payment is due? Should you set up direct payments from your account and risk over drafting your account? Find what works best for you and your lifestyle and hopefully you will be able to stay on top of things.

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How to Save Money

Pretty much everything you do costs money. You want to experience as much as possible while you’re young like trying new foods, traveling, going to the baseball game with friends, checking out the new local brewery. This all sounds great and fun but it will take a major toll on your bank account. Things that seem simple like eating out at restaurants regularly can prevent you from saving any money. Open up a saving account and stick to your plan because you never know when you might need that emergency cash, or want to buy something substantial like a car or a house.

How to File Your Taxes

If you’re lucky your parents might offer to help file your taxes for a few years after college until they feel like you are ready to take on that task. If you’re not so lucky you are faced with the decision to file them on your own, purchase a program that does it for you, or hire an outside party to take care of it. Good luck!


How to Cook Your Own Meals

It might be a good idea to invest in a cookbook or get a list of recipes from your mom because cooking for yourself and preparing meals is harder than you think. Unless you grew up in the kitchen and have knowledge about food prep, this can be a scary process. How do you boil water? How do you know when the chicken is cooked? Can you just mix everything together and cook it in a big pot? These are questions that need answers because eating cereal and ramen for every meal is a bad idea.

How to Get a Job

Getting a job right out of college is much harder than you think. Just because you have a degree and graduated does not qualify you for the career and dream job you were expecting. Practice your interviews and keep trying! You may have to start from the very bottom but if you stick with it and work hard you can get on the right track to your career.

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How to be an Adult

Being an adult is hard! You cannot have the same lifestyle you did in college. Staying up late, sleeping in late, going to class only when you feel like it, partying like there’s no tomorrow, is just not acceptable anymore. It may take some trial and error, but don’t worry, you will figure it out.


So enjoy the college life while you can. Soak up the late nights and adventures with friends, and the freedom of tax free, bill free, and job free life.

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