What to Expect Your First Summer Back Home From College

The semester comes to an end and your pack your bags to head back home and spend the summer at your parents’ house hanging with your best high school buddies. You will pass the time catching up and reminiscing about the good ole days and sharing stories about your wild college life. As exciting as this sounds, you might also notice that things and people have changed, and home town life is completely different. It’s hard to separate your college life and home life. Things can get confusing! There are a few different scenarios that could go down when you return home, and here they are:

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Your friends are different

People are going to change. College is all about finding your path in life and growing into an adult. You might notice some of your friend being more mature and responsible, and some of them might even have changed personality wise. They have made new friends and have found new hobbies and interests that you may not have in common anymore. This can be difficult to deal with at first, but it is best to just respect the decisions your friends are making (unless they are unsafe) and accept the new them.

You’re different

This is a good thing. You are expected to change while you’re away from home and in college. You may feel differently about things and notice you are acting differently than you used to, and that’s okay.  Stay true to who you are, even if your friends question you. You might realize that the friends you made at college are completely different from your home town friends and they are a better fit for you.

Your parents aren’t as strict

Technically you’re an adult now. Your parents might not set a curfew or enforce as many rules as they did when you were in high school. This is awesome but don’t get too carried away with the freedom. Make sure to be respectful and helpful around the house, they are probably paying for your college education and you don’t want to mess that up.

Your parents expect more

You have been living on your own for a while now and your parents might expect you to do your own laundry, cook for yourself, and make your own money.

You can’t hangout where you used to

All the places your crew hung out in high school are now off limits. The local high school kids have taken over and trying to fit in there just seems wrong and uncool.You’re older now and obviously more sophisticated and you want to act like it.

Nothing has changed

Everything is exactly how you left it. Your friends all act the same, your parents act the same, you still like to hang out at the same spots you did in high school. You don’t need to talk about the good ole days because you are still living them.


The best way to deal with any of these changes is to just roll with the punches and take them as they come. Even if everything is different, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome summer home from college with old friends and old traditions while embracing and looking forward to continuing your new life as a college student.


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