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You Might Have Senioritis If…



noun: senioritis

a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.

You become lazy. Netflix sounds so much better than going to class. Anything sounds so much better than going to class. You can do your work another time.

You are always exhausted. Sleeping is now your favorite activity. You even prefer to sleep over going out on the weekends with your friends.

You start to see a decline in your hygiene. No big deal if you haven’t showered in over a week, right? A little deodorant can fix the smell.

You also see your grades starting to decline. Do you really need to pass any of your finals? You can skim your notes before your exam and it should be fine. Hopefully C’s really do make degrees.

You just stop caring. About everything, especially your school work. Who cares if you don’t pass your classes if you can still graduate? You don’t even bat an eye about walking into class late or turning in your assignment half finished.

You feel angry. Going to class is the worst. Studying is the worst. You have been working hard for the past four years and you deserve a break! How dare your professors expect you to attend class only a few short weeks away from graduation.

You  start to feel fear. Maybe all this sleeping and skipping class was a bad idea. What if you don’t graduate or what if you get a bad recommendation letter from a professor due to your lack of caring? It’s a scary thought. You are also starting to worry about what life will be like after graduation. So many uncertainties hitting you all at once.

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