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Your College Search and Knowing Your Options

Online College

online college

For those of you who already have a busy schedule with work and other obligations, taking online classes may be the best option for you. Typically this sort of college allows you to really set your own schedule and get your work done at your own pace. One of the major benefits of an online college is the cost. Unlike a public or private university, you won’t find yourself breaking the bank. Online students can save money on housing and dining fees, commuting and parking costs and any other traditional college expenses. Downfalls of this type of schooling mostly has to do with the experience and social aspects. You will not be sitting in a classroom with your professor or other students, having discussions, or working with others on assignments or projects.

Specialty School

specialty school

Attending a specialty school to learn a trade is great for students who already know exactly what they want to do as a career. You won’t have to spend any time taking core classes or electives, studying basic or random subjects that have nothing to do with your career path. This type of schooling usually puts you on the fast track, so you won’t have to be there for 4 years like at a traditional college.

Community College

college savings

If you’re not quite ready to get away from home or commit to being a full time student, or need to save up money to attend the college you want, a community college might be the right fit for you. At a community college you can get all of your core classes out of the way and earn your AA. Although you will still have to attend another school if you want to earn your BA, you will still have an education under your belt. You can go at your own pace, which can allow you to go to school only part time while still having a job or internship. Your time at community college can also help you decide what you want your career goals to be without having to declare a major. When you’re ready to attend a 4 year college, you won’t have to worry about your classes and credits transferring, you will be all set up to make a smooth transition.

Private University

private univrsity

Private universities are made for students who thrive in a more intimate learning environment. Typically the class sizes are smaller and can be more discussion based, you get one-on-one attention from your professors and can easily form relationships with them, and you work closely with the other students in your classes on a daily basis. Chances are that you will know everyone in your major personally by graduation. The downfall of a private university is the cost. These types of schools tend to run more on the expensive side in comparison to others.

Public University

lecture hall

Public universities are the most traditional type of schooling you can receive. The campus and classes are usually larger and more diverse. There are many opportunities on how to spend your free time such as joining a club or attending on campus events. You have more freedom at a public university, which allows you to make your own choices about classes and studying. By attending a public university you will get to experience all the stereotypes you see in the movies such as football games and other athletics, fraternities and sororities, large lecture classes, playing frisbee in the quad, and much more.

Finding a college that is right for you is important. Do your research and visit potential schools you are interested in. Click HERE to view College Ranking Lists for 2015

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